Holiday on Alanya 7 Days

Step by Step Things to Do for an Unforgettable Holiday in Alanya for Seven Days and Seven Nights…

  1. Day: Alanya, one of the holiday paradises of the Southern coast of Turkey, has a long history of tourism. For this reason, it is possible to choose a wide range of hotels, hostels, hostels, nature camps, both for the quality of service and for every budget. 

After a tiring journey, Alanya those who arrive at the infamous Turkish breakfast it will be a useful choice to choose one of the less-chosen options of the and spend the first day with a good sleep and rest, to get ready for the active nightlife of Alanya. But for those who want to spend a quiet evening, there are very nice restaurants, cafes and walking areas along the coast and in the city.

For the first day, exploring the city before dinner,a nice cafe will enable drinking famous Turkish coffee or Turkish tea in visitors to Turkish culture from their first impression of and habits. 

For dinner,, from vegetables to meat dishes, from soups to desserts, traditional Turkish cuisine , which offers many delicious options of artisan restaurants will be a good experience for the first dinner. These restaurants are vegan and vegetarian and also possible to create options in. 

Don’t forget to add the famous broad bean piyaz, Gülüklü soup, orphan halva or milky pumpkin dessert menu to your. of traditional cuisine in This famous flavorsAlanya,a great gourmet you to have will allow experience.

  1.  Day: You can start your second day with a magnificent Turkish breakfast and spend a whole day on the uniquely beautiful beaches of Alanya, immersing yourself in the sparkling summer sun and the cool waters of the deep blue sea. For dinner , fish restaurants you can choose a seasonal fish menu in Alanya, which is also famous for its, and spend the night sipping your drinks in a music bar accompanied by dance and music.
  2. Day: your third day the historic beauty of to explore you take We suggest thatAlanya.Especially Alanya castle, Red Tower, Kale Mosque, Ehmedek-Eğri Gate can be the content of this day’s sightseeing route. You can have your breakfast with a famous pancake with one of the varieties and use your meal preferences for this day’s meatballs or kebab varieties.
  1. Day: You can spend this day exploring Alanya’s famous beaches and enjoying your holiday to the fullest. Damlataş Beach and the right next to it Damlataş Cave can be the first route of your route. 
  1. Day 1:  which carries traces of many civilizations Alanya Archeology Museum, , is one of the must-see places. The famous museum is the Heracles statue in the focus of attention of the visitors. Youhistorical Alanya Shipyard and Syedra Castle can spend a pleasant day full of discoveries by including them on this day. You go your way to beautiful bays, swimming. One can spend the day in the sea and enjoy the sun on the beach, and you can get rid of the tiredness of the day.
  1. Day 1: Dedicating this day to the villages of Alanya and exploring the beauties of nature at the foot of the Taurus Mountains will be an alternative experience. Tasting the village delicacies, seeing traditional handicrafts and shopping should not be neglected on this trip. You day by watching the sunset with the cable car can complete the and enjoying the unique view. In the evening, after dinner, you can either go shopping or enjoy Alanya nights.
  1. Day 1: If there is no need for extra time for shopping, this last day should be spent at Cleopatra Beach so that your Alanya holiday will leave an unforgettable taste on your palate. 

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