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Alanya district, which is connected to Antalya, one of the southern provinces of Turkey; In addition to its geographical features, it also shows its presence in the tourism sector with its climate, sea and history. Surrounding counties; It is adjacent to Manavgat, Gündoğmuş and Gazipaşa. Its distance from Antalya city center is approximately 130 km. It takes about 2 hours between Antalya and Alanya by road and there are buses departing from Antalya to Alanya every hour. So Antalya Alanya transportation is very easy.

Neighboring Karaman, Konya and Isparta as a province, Alanya is an important tourism region for Turkey. With a population of around 285 thousand and the natural beauties it offers, it is the choice of many tourists.

Alanya transportation network is provided by buses provided by the municipality. Apart from this, people who can travel with their own personal vehicles can also travel by renting a car or using the taxi option. There are many places that rent bicycles for those who want to travel, do sports and have fun. For transportation, this can also be an alternative. Many people who want to reach their destination in a short time prefer especially commercial taxis.

Transportation in Alanya

How to go to Alanya?

Alanya, which is one of the important regions of today’s tourism, is thought of by many people. Many vacationers ask, “How to get to Alanya? It seeks and explores the answer to the question ”.

Alanya, which is the favorite of the southern coast, can be reached by road and airway. Using your personal vehicle; There are direct bus services and transportation from many city bus stations to Alanya, where you can reach wherever you are.

Those who plan to travel by air can use Gazipaşa Airport, which is in Alanya, or Antalya Airport, which is located within the provincial borders of Antalya.

Alanya hosts many holiday lovers from all over Turkey and even from all over the world, and in this sense, it is among the most sought-after places in our country. Therefore, there is easy access from all directions.

Transportation Between Alanya Districts You

transportation within the city and between the districts in Alanya will never have any difficulties when it comes to. In general, one bus trip is sufficient for the places you want to go in the district. In Alanya district, there are two routes that buses use to reach the central direction. These roads, known as the coastal road or the 50-meter road, are the roads most frequently used by holidaymakers.

If the coastal road is to be used; Bus lines 1 and 101 should be used. If the other way is to be used; Buses numbered 2, 3, 10 or 202 should be used. Thus, you can easily reach the city center and anywhere you want from there.

Alanya, where tourists are concentrated, is a holiday-oriented settlement in general; No transportation card is required. However, those who want to make more affordable transportation can get discounts on buses by purchasing Antalya Card. The Municipality easy transportation in Alanya considers and evaluates every detail in terms of.

Apart from this, those who want a comfortable journey can also prefer rental cars or commercial taxis.

Transportation Air and apart from the highway in Alanya isbysea, possible. However, while the airline provides international transportation, you can make small trips by sea.

Transportation to Alanya by Air

Air If transportation is toAlanya be made to, Gazipaşa and Antalya Airports are used. Gazipaşa Airport, which has an average distance of 40 kilometers to the district center, provides transportation opportunities by organizing scheduled flights as international lines.

Gazipaşa Airport, which has direct flights from many cities of Turkey, is provided by planning connecting flights from other cities as well.

You can reach the district center in an average of 1 hour by paying a fee of 25-30 liras with the shuttles that serve within the body of Gazipaşa Airport. However, a fast and comfortable service is more attractive for you, you can get the same service by using commercial taxi or VIP transfer services. Apart from this, therewith the airport car rent are offices for you toa. 

Antalya airport, on the other hand, can organize flights from all over the world, both domestic and international. It has a distance of 130 km from Alanya town center. Here, there are the same transportation options as Gazipaşa airport.

If you are thinking of living or vacationing in Alanya, you will never have any problems with transportation. Because Alanya transportation options are quite high and every way, Alanya transportation is easy. This district, which is a perfect option for both vacation and living, is one of the most valuable regions of our country.

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