There are so many luxury and numerous hotels in Alanya according to everyone’s budget and comfort. They have so many organizations and facilities which is changeable to its star and bigness. If you are planning to visit Alayna which is one of the most crowded and fascinating city in Turkey, you can get an idea based on the features of the hotels we mentioned here.Everbody knows that Alanya especially in summer season is hosting so many national and international tourist. So the number of hotels in Alanya is increasing in line with the increasing need for accommodation.

The total number of accommodation facilities certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Alanya has been announced as 889 according to current figures. Approximately 30 percent of the number of visitors to Antalya stay in hotels in Alanya. According to the best hotels in Alanya information we have researched for you, you can choose a hotel in accordance with your budget and plans and enjoy your holiday.
Important Information about Hotels and Facilities in Alanya
Tourism facilities serving in Alanya are classified according to their features such as the number of rooms, the number of beds, and the special privileged facilities they provide for the customers, and the activities for children by obtaining documents from the relevant authorities. Here we explain which activities and facilities hotels in Alanya have and their so many advantages for your reference.

5-Star Hotels in Alanya
Five-star hotels in Alanya provide the highest levels of luxury to their guests through personalized services, a wide range of amenities, and sophisticated accommodations. There are also have 24-hour reception, room service, valet parking, doorman and butler. One of the reason why five-star hotels in Alayna prefer is the fine-dining restaurants and standalone lounge and bar. Also best hotels in Alanya have childcare options for big families.
Five-star hotels in Alanya has attractive additional services like bath, sauna, swimming pool, billiards, gym and playgrounds. They could be various forms of entertainment, personal services, and services for families, businesses, or VIP clients, all of which are frequently provided in the form of packages.

4-Star Hotels in Alanya
A four-star hotels in Alanya are an upscale establishment that offers amenities, activities, and extras to provide a complete experience for multi-night stays. These facilities are frequently large and in tourist areas, such as near beaches or major cities. The lobbies are evidently stylish, and the buildings are fully employed with receptionists, free parking, hotel staff, home maintenance, and kitchen workers. Four-star hotels may also include indoor and outdoor pools, spas, tennis and basketball courts, instructor-led workout classes, movie nights, and live music.
Luxury Hotels in Alanya with Blue Flag Beaches

There are 59 blue flag hotels in the Alanya region. Blue flag beaches in Alanya are those that are pristine, beautiful, and have clean waters, as well as easy access to all of the amenities and facilities that make your time on the beach as relaxing and carefree as possible. A series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained in order to qualify for the Blue Flag. Turkey is the third in the world in the category of blue flag hotels. The city of Alanya is also a unique district of Antalya with the best blue flag hotels.

Apart Hotels in Alanya
Apart hotels in Alanya are ideal for those who prefer flexible accommodations and prefer to live at their own pace – even when traveling. Those who prefer to sleep in without regard for breakfast times, as they can prepare their own meals in the aparthotel, are in the right place. Parents and children will appreciate the fact that their children will sleep in the separate bedroom next door, rather than in a room usable only through hotel corridor. These flats will also refer to small groups, friends, and couples.

Comfortable +16 Adult Hotels in Alanya
Adults only hotel or +16 Adult hotels in Alanya offer activities and facilities just over 16 aged people.Sometimes parents need to spend time together without children near them. At such times, +16 Adult Hotels in Alanya has special opportunities to allow parents to spend time alone. This feature, which is preferred by couples, is among the demands of honeymoon couples who dream of a romantic holiday.

Spa&Welness Hotels in Alanya
Spa and wellness hotels in Alanya are frequently preferred by people who want to get away from the stress of city life, purify, eat healthy and do sports. Spa services provided in Alanya hotels include massage and relaxation techniques such as Swedish massage, steam bath, thalasso, salt peeling, aroma therapy and fango. In addition, personalized diet and exercise planning are also made by the hotel center.

Bungalow Hotels in Alanya
Bungalow houses are definitely a hotel service that will make you very satisfied under all circumstances. It is possible to receive the attention and service you would receive from a hotel service here. It is in high demand both in terms of the affordability of its prices and in terms of providing the opportunity for people escaping from metropolises to have a holiday in touch with nature. Bungalow hotels in Alanya offer comfortable beds, hygenic bathroom, small and cute kitchen and breathtaking view for you.

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