Best Beaches in Alanya are popular and spectacular with the turquoise blue sparkling sea. There are lots of reasons why Alanya is visited every year for holidays because they have the best beach, excellent sunny view, lively nightlife and delicious food. While the Taurus Mountains rising on one side take on a white mantle in the winter months, the streams that carry the snow waters to the sea with the warming of the weather form natural rafting tracks and Alanya promises a pleasant holiday in every form in summer and winter.

For those who plan to spend their summer vacation in Alanya; we have listed beaches in Alanya with fine golden-yellow sand which have fascinated even the famous names of history.

Alanya Beach

Top 6 Best Beaches in Alanya

In the region where green forests meet the blue of the Mediterranean, there are many best beaches in Alanya along the coastline. While there are quite crowded and attractive beaches in Alanya, the city has where you can swim in a more untouched, calm, and peaceful way. Now let’s take you to the beaches in Alanya, where you can relax and rest your soul.

Kleopatra Beach

Located near Alanya town centre, Cleopatra Beach is among the most famous beaches of the region with a total length of approximately 2 kilometers. The beach, named after the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, dazzles with its golden sands and clear sea. While it is rumored that Cleopatra entered the sea in this region, the beach is famous around the world for this feature.

On Cleopatra Beach, where the sea is smooth and extremely clear, you can clearly see even the small fish swimming around you when you dive under the water. There is no entrance fee to the facility, which is in the status of blue flag beaches in Alanya. In addition, sunbed and umbrella rental fees vary between 1,50$.

Keykubat Beach

Keykubat Beach, which is among the beaches in Alanya town center, is one of the popular beaches of the region with an average length of 3 kilometers. The beach, which consists of sandy beaches, is surrounded by green trees, so its atmosphere is very interesting and at the same time peaceful. With this feature, there are also special areas around the property, which is also known as Bougainvillea Beach, where you can perform various water sports activities.

One of the best beaches in Alanya Keykubat Beach is considered quite suitable for families with children, as the sandy and shallowness of the sea are at ideal levels.

Damlataş Beach

The sea of the facility, which is in the status of blue flag beaches, is slightly wavy compared to the alternatives in the region. The water temperature in the sea, which should be a little more careful for families with children, is moderate. There are also facilities where you can meet your needs such as a shower, dressing cabin, and toilet. Entrance to Damlataş Beach is free. Sunbed and umbrella rental fees vary between 1,50$.

Alanya Beach

Emirgan Ulaş Beach

Emirgan Ulaş Beach, located approximately 4 kilometers west of Alanya town center, also serves as a recreation area. The facility, which has areas to eat at the picnic tables around, can be quite crowded, especially on weekends. The area, which also has facilities where you can meet your needs such as showers and toilets, has a structure intertwined with nature because it is surrounded by trees. If you want to swim on one of the best beaches in Alanya Emirgan Ulaş Beach,you can enter here  free of charge.

Goya Beach Club

Located close to the starting point of the Antalya – Mersin main road, Goya Beach Club is among the best beaches in Alanya. The beach club, which also has a pool, has fine sand. Offering music pleasure all day long accompanied by a DJ performance, the facility is among the most preferred entertainment venues in the region with its fun and lively atmosphere.

Kleopatra Number 11 Beach

When you come to Alanya, you absolutely visit Kleopatra Number 11 Beach which is the best beach in Alanya when it comes to mind. The facility, which stands out with its fast and quality service, also has facilities such as a shower, toilet, and dressing cabin. Entrance fees to the facility, where you can also benefit from facilities such as free Wi-Fi and a basketball court, are in the range of 3,50 $.

Alanya Best Beach

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