Alanya Wonderful Holidays

A Summer Vacation İn Alanya

First of all, a place should be preferred to stay in this holiday place. The most expensive hotels can be preferred, as well as useful apartments.

After the accommodation part is taken care of, it’s time to come to the to-do list.

To-do list for Alanya:

  • Eating Ilibada wrap
  • Eating tropical fruits grown there (avocado, dragon fruit, custard apple, longon)
  • Get on the cable car
  • Have fun at the Alanya Amusement Park
  • Having fun at Alanya Aquapark
  • Paragliding
  • Eating millet soup
  • Photographing in Damlataş cave
  • Swimming at Cleopatra beach
  • Visiting Alanya Castle
  • Visiting Gülefşen Mansion

Local Tastes of Alanya

Eggplant, bergamot, watermelon, and olive jam unique to Alanya are the flavors that must be tasted. This town, where you can spend your holiday of the highest quality, has many places to visit. All the places that need to be visited in the content of a one-week holiday can be visited.

In addition, the flavor map of Alanya is as much as the places to visit. You can meet all the flavors of white sea cuisine in this place. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can taste the most luxurious delicacies. You can meet the best quality forms of Akdarı Soup, Döğme Vaccine, Shepit, Laba, Ilibada Rolls, Göleviz, Fresh broad beans, and Ülübü at these dining places.

Mediterranean evenings are unforgettable moments of the holidays. People who go on holiday want to spend these evenings in the most luxurious places. These hours, which take away the tiredness of people, are the most crucial points of the holiday. Mediterranean holidays leave positive touches on both the soul and the body.

The holidays are when the most expensive choices are made. As a matter of fact, the individual wants to spend all hours of a seven-day holiday productively. Therefore, he plans the entire vacation.

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